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Last updated: 10/14/14
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Please review the calendar of events for the next several months and discuss upcoming events with your Scout. I have heard Scouts say they need to check with their parents before they can commit to the event.  Sign ups are at meetings and Scouts need to know if they can participate
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Forms and Documents

The Road to Eagle
  Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  Tool Use Guildine for Scouts
General Info
  Welcome to Troop 85!
  Troop 85 Overview Info
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet EAGLE
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet FIRST CLASS
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet LIFE
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet SECOND CLASS
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet STAR
  Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet TENDERFOOT
  Self Evaluation for scout spirit
  Advancement Sign-off Policy
  Campout Sign-up
  Scout Accounts
  Substance Abuse
  Travel Expense Reimbursement
Summer Camp 2009
  Parents Letter
  What to Bring
  Guide for Camp Phillips Campers
  Guide for Campers Going to Both Camps
  Camp Makajawan Info
  Camp Phillips Info
Running Troop 85
  Aims and Methods of Boy Scouting
  The Patrol Method
  The Role of the Assistant Scout Master
  The Role of the Patrol Advisor
  Merit Badge Counselor Form
  Troop 85 Clothing Order Form
  Vehicle Information Sheet
Medical Forms
  Medical Forms
  Medical Forms FAQ
Camping Info
  Camping Gear Checklist
  Guide to Camping with Troop 85
  Troop 85 Tax Exemption
  Campout Duty Roster
  Campout Menu Form
  Guidelines For Patrol Shopping
The Road to Eagle
  Advancement Guidelines
  Eagle Scout Misconceptions
  Eagle Scout Myths
  Merit Badges
Other Stuff
  Why Wear a Uniform?
  National Honor Patrol
  Troop 85 Chili Recipe
  Troop 85 Spaghetti Recipe
  COOL food pantry

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